Scott O'Brien | Full Stack Javascript Developer

Apps: Scottify, Golf App, Muti Timer
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I have worked professionally as a Developer for over 8 years. Experience with large projects keeping open lines of communication between 10-15 developers at a single time within an agile work environment (remote as well as on site). Also including small one person, personal projects as well. Professional experience with multiple code environment’s: nodejs, .NET, Ruby, Java and PHP. I would like to continue working on new projects that challenge myself. Interested in partaking in said endeavors with other like minded forward thinking individuals. Please take a look at my GitHub for code examples and personal projects,


Javascript (es6, Typescript, jQuery), React/Redux, Angular 1, Node, Express, rethinkDB, HTML/SCSS (Bootstrap), some experience with Angular 2/4, PHP (wordpress) as well, mySQL.


Git, Webpack, Gulp/Grunt, npm, Angular CLI, some Docker, some AWS/Dev Ops, Splunk, Jira, Confluences, Photoshop, Illustrator

Professional Experience

2017 – Present - – Service Management Software - Front End Developer
Environment - React, Redux, es6, es5 middleware from platform
  • Collaboration with team members to come up with creative solutions to problems
  • Communicating with team members in regards to reusable Services/Components
  • REST services GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE methods
  • Creative data validation with one off use cases using Reacts state
  • Creation of backend services from platforms middleware
  • Agile environment, keeping tasks up to date in task management software

2014 – 2017 - – Custom Software Development Company - Front End Developer
Comic-con - Front End Lead | Environment - Angular 1, HTML/SCSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Gulp
  • Created and implemented front end architecture and infrastructure
  • Documented front end code patterns, naming conventions and best practices within Confluence
  • Time estimation for features and tasks on upcoming sprints
  • Developed validation patterns used throughout the app including custom one off validations
  • Built services to connect to API’s using Restangular’s GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE methods
  • Created reusable UI components to work through out the app, implementing mobile versions where needed
  • Participated in daily standups giving updates on Jira tasks, communicating with team members about new features and code ideas
  • Daily review of pull requests
Viasat - Front End Developer | Environment - Angular 1, HTML/SCSS, Material, Gulp
  • Developed UI and functional elements using Angulars ngAnimate
  • Hide/Show elements dependent upon conditional data
  • Validating data within forms
  • Participated in standups and estimates for upcoming sprints
Builders Insurance Company - Front End Developer | Environment .NET, HTML/SCSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Javascript (jQuery)
  • Worked in a .NET environment, including coding in Visual Studio
  • Built custom UI elements that was delivered from inhouse design department
  • Hide/Show elements dependent upon conditional data
  • Validating data within forms
  • Participated in standups and estimates for upcoming sprints

*7 More projects from Seamgen can be provided upon request.

2008 – Present - – Development Services
Ripplenami, - 2017 - Front End Developer - Angular 1, Typescript, Google Maps API v.3, HTML/SCSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Java, AWS, Splunk Lottogopher, - 2013 - Front End Developer - HTML/SCSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Javascript (jQuery)
  • Developed the UI of the web application in HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery
Scottify - 2016/17 - Front End Developer - HTML/SCSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Angular 1, Firebase, Nginx, Nodejs, Google and Spotify API's
  • Designed Application (architecture/infrastructure, DB), created front end services including validation, filters, album rating system, use of local storage for auth tokens
  • Wired app to Firebase DB, Google and Spotify oAuth API's
  • Deployed app to Digital Ocean Droplet running Ubuntu. Installed/configured Nginx/Nodejs/Expressjs and wired up to run application
2011 – 2012 - – Specialty Insurance Company
Front End Developer - .NET, HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery)
  • Developed the UI of the web application in HTML/CSS and jQuery
2010 – 2011 - American Mobile Ventures – Mobile Marketing Company
Front End Developer - HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery)
  • Created HTML/CSS/Javascript for marketing and static landing pages